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The science of animal sounds session

Animals use sounds for fighting, flirting, group coordination, signalling identity, scaring off predators and more. Some species develop their sounds automatically. Others (like humans and songbirds) must learn by listening and imitating—which leads to the interesting phenomenon of dialects.

At this hui hosted by the Upper Waitematā Ecology Network (UWEN), Dr Wesley Webb will take us on a tour of the astonishing diversity of acoustic communication in animals, including many native NZ taonga. He will also reveal some surprises about male and female song dialects in New Zealand bellbirds, the topic of his PhD. Brace yourself for weird and wonderful animal sounds!

Upper Waitematā Ecology Network will also enlighten listeners on the amazing community conservation work going on in the Upper Harbour area. There will be opportunities after the talk to speak to community group members in your area over drinks and nibbles.

Event details

Date: Tuesday, 1 November Time: 7pm – 9.30pm Venue: Greenhithe Community Hall, 7 Greenhithe Road

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