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New Pou Whenua welcomed at Matariki

The rain cleared just in time for Te Hōnonga a Iwi supporters to gather to celebrate Matariki on a cloudy Saturday at the start of July.

Kaumatua Richard Nahi led the group in a ceremony to bless and welcome the rock installed at the edge of the restoration site as a Pou Whenua for this project.

Hear Richard talk about the rock and its significance to Te Hōnonga a Iwi in the video, in the video below.

The rock, transported to the site from Northland, has a sign, designed by graphic designer Sam Weston, welcoming visitors to the restoration, with a QR code directing visitors to the project website to find out more about the mahi underway.

Guests at the celebration included Upper Harbour Local Board member Urzra Casuri Balouch, Michael Belgrave, Chair of Rotary Albany and other Rotary Albany members, community and business members and representatives from North Harbour Hockey Association.

Following the ceremony, the group planted 50 natives, plants that were either gifted by Nicholas Mayne or had been cared for by volunteer Jan Knight at Greenwich Gardens following the 2022 planting season.

Guests then gathered at North Harbour Hockey for refreshments and speeches. We thanked Sophie Haine and Lavender Feng for their incredible youth leadership as they step down from their roles. We also farewelled Massey University academic Cadey Korson, as she departs with her whānau to return to America to be with family.

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