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Conservation, sustainability, community

This ground-breaking five year community-led project aims to restore a 10,000m2 area within Rosedale Park using bio-organic principles to revitalise the land and the adjacent Alexander Stream, making the park a place where biodiversity can increase and local people can go to connect with nature.


Our aims

Give the local community a renewed

sense of belonging to the park by

engaging a range of stakeholders

in the project, including nearby

residents, community groups, local

iwi, educational and tertiary institutes

in the area, sporting bodies using the

park and the Albany business sector.

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Get involved

To offer your support send us an email. We need the Albany community, businesses and sports groups to get behind this project to increase the sustainability and environmental wellbeing of the area by:

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If would like to join our team of volunteers, send us a message via the contact form below.

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You may be able contribute services, equipment, or funds to ensure the success of this project – this could include wheelbarrows, spades, a water tank, rainwater from your roofline, drip lines, transport truck, or funds or expertise to make a documentary or contribute towards securing research outputs relating to the project outcomes.


The more people that know about our project, the more help we will get. Sign up to our mailing list for the latest updates from the project and tell your family, friends and colleagues how they can get involved.

Raise awareness
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Our partners

We would like to thank our partner whānau for the ongoing support and expertise they bring to this mahi.

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