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Plans underway to expand project site

An extra 2000 square metres could be added to the the Te Hōnonga a Iwi Restoring Rosedale Park site this year.

Project co-ordinator Nicky Shave says Auckland Council members Anna Halliwell and Anna Harrison and ranger Dan Marrow have given their support to exploring expanding the site to the north of the existing restoration.

The expansion, which would be four years ahead of schedule, is only possible because the cover crops sown last spring are doing a fantastic job of keeping out weeds and reducing the workload for volunteers, Nicky says.

Restoration partner Ventia is looking at the proposed new area to see if it can assist with a low mow of the grass ahead of planting in May.

“We will also need to secure about $1600 for new cover crop seeds,” Nicky says.

“If your business or organisation is able to help, email us on

Recent weather events have shown this work is more important now than ever, says Nicky.

“The recent local floods, the cyclone, and perhaps future pandemics, if they prove to be a result of climate change, are stark reminders of what our lives and livelihoods might look like on a more regular basis within the next decade as global temperatures rise.

“Decarbonising every facet of our society, our transport, food, our businesses, our schools, our homes and our public places to facilitate climate positivity, reverse the heating of our planet, save biodiversity, lives and livelihoods has never been more urgent than it is now.”

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