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North Harbour Hockey shares sustainability report

Leading the Te Hōnonga a Iwi Restoring Rosedale Park project is just one of many initiatives on North Harbour Hockey Association’s Future Fit Sustainability Roadmap.

The NHHA Sustainability Subcommittee recently completed a Sustainability Integrated Value Report that tracks the true value of the work that’s been done.

Three out of four New Zealanders expect businesses like North Harbour Hockey Association (NHHA) to deliver sustainable products or services to positively contribute to enhancing the wellbeing of people and the planet, the report says.

NHHA current staff and players are Millennial and Gen Z people who have the highest expectations for employers and businesses to be sustainable. Their children, Generation Alpha, are predicted to vote with their feet to increase sustainability and mitigate climate change.

“NHHA recognises that as our world warms further, increases in social inequity and extreme weather events will harm our people, environment, and economy, directly impacting how we can play hockey.

“Architecting a sustainable model to build on our historical construction of a holistic place for our people to thrive, despite mounting systemic socio-economic and environmental pressures, remains an integral part of our strategic plan.

“Sustainability is accomplished by promoting social equity, enhancing environmental health, and increasing financial resilience. Given NHHA promotes hockey as a lifelong approach to maximising people’s sense of belonging and health, improving our social justice and natural environment is a logical fit.

“We are determined that our innovations and future thinking will provide services that benefit our customers, including enhancing their local environment, for future generations.”

Download the NHHA Sustainability Subcommittee Sustainability Integrated Value Report

Download PDF • 13.33MB

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