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North Harbour businesses asked to dig in for the local environment

North Harbour businesses can help mitigate climate change and support environmental sustainability by bringing staff to a midweek volunteer day at Te Hōnonga a Iwi Restoring Rosedale Park.

Nicky Shave, one of the project’s co-ordinators, wants local businesses to bring some of their teams to the site to help shift mulch and clear the ground ahead of a Spring planting programme. The volunteer day is from 1pm to 4pm on Tuesday, 6 September.

“We are getting ready to plant 3500 native trees.”

The volunteers will be putting mulch into buckets, then transferring it into bioreactors on the site, where it will be turned into bio-organic material that will be used to support the soil.

“All you need to bring is gumboots or old shoes, a raincoat, gardening gloves if you have them, drinking water and a willing attitude,” Nicky says.

The project is an opportunity for teams from local businesses to kick-start or add to their sustainability practices and contribute to local and national efforts to stem the impacts of climate change.

“Our volunteer days are also great for team building – enhance your staff wellbeing by supporting your people to give back to the community you operate in.”

It’s also a chance to be part of an unique pilot programme that’s enhancing the local area.

“Our project team is intergenerational with stakeholders from two years of age who sow cover crops to older adults who are using their gardening expertise to care for our native trees in their retirement home. Te Hōnonga a Iwi is also privileged to work in partnership with socio-cultural groups including Māori and our Chinese community as well as neuro-diverse youth who are already skilled at planting.”

Business Volunteer Day

When: 1pm – 4pm, Tuesday, 6 September

Where: Te Hōnonga a Iwi Restoring Rosedale Park project site, behind Hilton Brown Swimming in Volkner Place, Albany

What to bring: Gumboots or old shoes, a raincoat, gardening gloves, drinking water

RSVP: Confirm your business is taking part by emailing

Parking: Park in the public car behind the North Harbour Softball Association and walk to the path near Harbour Hockey Turf 5. People will be on hand to guide you to the project site.

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1 Comment

Brad Clark
Brad Clark
Sep 07, 2022

Such a great project for Harbour Hockey and the wider Harbour community to get behind!

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