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New resources help community understand Rosedale restoration

The new resources page on our website will help volunteers and visitors to the site learn about the bio-organic principles that underpin our restoration and provide information on sustainability and caring for our environment.

The Te Hōnonga a Iwi team, lead by regeneration expert Matt Cummings, has put together two new downloadable resources as part of this initiative.

The first, Engine of Ecology, covers how carbon drives the health of our environment. It looks at the carbon cycle, what’s required for photosynthesis and how it can be promoted, and how we work with these natural processes at Rosedale Park.

The second resource, Working with Nature, looks at how to embrace regenerative methods in home gardens and has information on planting with diversity, worm farms and other composting methods, and signs your garden is thriving.

The resources page also allows visitors to look at a carbon inventory report from the Rosedale Park project, a report from the Sustainable Business Network on the role business needs to play in regenerating nature in Aotearoa and the North Harbour Hockey Integrated Value Report, which incorporates its leadership of the Te Hōnonga a Iwi restoration.

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