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March 2022 Project Update

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

More businesses, community groups, environmental networks and schools are coming on board to support the Restoring Rosedale Park project

The following actions have occurred since the group e-meet on Teams March 4 2022:

· School leads contacted with a request to consider leading managing a low-pressure pest control strategy on and near the restoration site. ASHS student has responded offering to support pest management control

· On site meeting with Stephen Cammell, long time Rosedale Park pest management volunteer. He has offered to support and teach all students/adults pest management in the park. ASHS student, Kevin Harvey has offered to lead this space.

· Consultation with Frisbee Golf, Ryan Smale regarding submitting separate applications for consent. Meetings held to clarify both projects' boundaries. New site maps are available on Teams under Maps and Photos in General channel.

· Completed water quality analysis data collects. Results on Teams under Water Quality in the Data Collection channel. A third site is being tested this week. In April, aquatic biodiversity measures/fish survey will be undertaken by Project lead, Peter Felstead, with support from Whitebait connection.

· Consultation with Anna Harrison, Enviro School. Two primary schools are interested in becoming involved in the project in the future. Westminster is likely to begin water quality analysis upstream closer to source. Their data is valuable. If this project is consented, we could support Westminster by doing initial upstream water quality analysis for several months until they can take over. The project would have water quality data near source, above restoration, below restoration and possibly by old pony club. Brief discussions about role of education and capacity to share information/extend reach.

· Laurie Dee, Rainworks site meeting to discuss the potential of collecting excess rainwater off Hilton Brown roofline to supply 7000l pm needed for the bioreactors.

· Head Office, Hilton Brown has been contacted to request stakeholder support to gain excavator access to the restoration site (subject to approval) and support with harvesting and conserving rainwater.

· Local water delivery companies have been contacted to identify if they will supply rainwater. All have declined, given the need to deliver potable water. More research underway to source a freshwater deliver if roof collect declined

· Student leader at Pinehurst contacted and invited to be involved. Yet to hear back.

· Contact made with two new science teachers who would like to know about the project. One responded requesting to be added to the Project Team. We welcome Chris McLeod, Kristin.

· Contact has been made with Jade Li, Natural Environment Defence, Allen Zhang and May Chi from Great Families Trust and Jayne Jones and Xiaoman Shao from Long Bay College. A Chinese lead group has been established and met. Monthly meetings are in place. Minutes in continuous minutes on Teams. Discussions around ensuring inclusion of Chinese youth and families, how best to achieve this in relation to cultural expectations and cultural safety. The group members are taking time to consider the above and how develop ideas about how they would like to contribute to the project, subject to consent.

· Following initial contact with UWEN, Jade Li offered an opportunity for the Restoration Project to become recipients of a Collinson Crowdfunding support campaign. This is a possibility subject to consent. Jade will report back re whether the Project is successful with the Collinson opportunity.

· Communications made regarding the Māori name for the Alexander Stream and the Rosedale area. Mana whenua have responded. Also following approaching Takapuna Library, their review of available literature has been received. All the information received has been shared with contributors and loaded on to Teams under Mana Whenua

· Delivery of 3,500 trees in June to Metlifecare, Jan and Bark Ltd has been organised by Dan. Delivery from the nursery to the restoration site will be kindly coordinated by Bark ltd. Bark need two weeks' notice for transfers. Renee had linked the Restoration lead in with Bark Head Office in Wellington. We have sought their company logo. We understand best practice is to have a plant layout plan achieved prior to planting. Council and Matt may wish to add their expertise to this phase. Delivery of trees daily to site is recommended to ensure no trees go missing prior to planting.

· A timetable review with education leads was undertaken. Updated proposed timetable to suit stakeholders and project processes is available to view in Project Proposal under important communications channel, Teams.

· Final proposal amendments were made following second key stakeholder consultation and was sent with supporting documentation as part of the application for Landowner Consent. All documentation is available to view under Important Communications Channel, Teams. The project received ongoing, timely and accessible support from council throughout the Landowner consent process. We continue to have extraordinary wrap around support from Council and UWEN, Whitebait Connection.

· Nicholas Mayne is kindly donating a seedling Totara Grove for iwi to plant with the community at the Matariki celebration around the 24 June. It is important to note that the whakapapa (provenance) of the seeds has been carefully curated by Nicholas. Tracy Davis, Ngati Whatua O Kaipara, sends their thanks for the special koha.

· NHHA CFO consult re setting up Restoration Bank accounts, GST registration status, management of crowdfunding, large donations, internal processes to ringfence funding streams specific to the Restoration. We undertook some due diligence with the Collinson opportunity. And feel comfortable entering into a partnership should we gain success with their opportunity. CFO supplied financial details to enable NHHA to submit Landowner Consent.

· Nicky attended a talk with ASHS Students about the project. A number of Senior School students Impact projects are very interesting and have strong alignment with the Restoration. We expressed a desire to support including the student groups if they wished to. The Windmill power team are interested in exploring an alliance with water harvesting and getting water to the bioreactors.

· Contact from both Albany wards, John and Wayne, was made by them following our initial communications. John and Wayne expressed their support for the restoration. An email introduction between Matt and Wayne was made to talk further about the biological processes.

· School led discussions with Anna Harrison and Matt have begun to identify how best to proceed with developing educational content for teaching sessions, and online sharing of methodology and progress. An instructional designer has been contacted to ascertain if there maybe interest within that professional body to offer pro bono work to enable the project to better share information and data to a wider network, and streamed network going forward. More work to do to achieve in this space.

· Contact with Allanah and Wes, Massey University Sustainability and Ecology. Allanah has joined this Restoration Group. She kindly advertised within her networks. We received guidance from Jill Rapson, Restoration Ecologist Palmerston North, referrals to Nicola Day and Hannah Buckley, AUT restoration academics and an expression of interest from Codey Korson, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Massey university offering to produce multimedia and public facing educational resources, survey and interview research method support for reporting stages. Codey specialises in digital storytelling, enviro/human space, GIS points, filmmaking and podcasts to educate. Meeting planned with Codey next week to cement her role in the project.

· Long Bay College media teacher and students have offered to film the years' work, subject to consent. Codey has agreed to work with the student team to maximise their learning experiences

· We will talk with Project photographer James Gow in case he is interested in working with this team at times with bird life photography

· Sheryl Blythen, Media specialist has developed a Restoration one-pager pitched to the business community to be ready to share if consent is approved to develop commercial relationships in the basin with Kevin O’Leary and BNH support. This is available to view and use on Teams under Important communications

· Sheryl has developed a Communications strategy. This is available to view in draft form on Teams under Important Communications.

· Graphics collateral for all Restoration communication is now finalised and loaded to Teams important communications by Samantha Weston, Restoration Graphic Designer.

· PowerPoint presentation with Restoration collateral formulated by Samantha Weston to support a presentation to Women4Climate mentorship programme

· Anna Halliwell has connected Long Bay College into another restoration opportunity

· Dan Marrow has connected the project with Glen Brown, Auckland Council regarding Matariki funding opportunities.

· Nicholas connected Bark Ltd in with opportunity to increase circularity by reusing spent Brown Bay playground matting as a matt to house the 3 500 native plants being cared for by Jan, Bob and the Bark LTD team at Metlifecare

· Sam Weston has identified the need for digital logos for all stakeholders. Four logo versions will be requested: a jpeg, transparent png, pdf, and a svg or eps if possible. Nicky will email all stakeholders requesting this information

· Landowner Consent was filed and received 7 days ago.

· All education leads received the upcoming experiential learning opportunities for student engagement

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