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Kristin prefects prepare for 2024 planting season

A team of Kristin School prefects has been working hard this month to help Te Hōnonga a Iwi Restoring Rosdale Park prepare for the 2024 planting season.

The students spent three after-school sessions at the restoration site, consolidating the organic compost in our bioreactors and carrying the empty reactors across the steam to the 2024 planting area ready for reuse.

They also cleared a path down to the stream to make it easier for our volunteers to access the new area of the restoration and released weeds around trees planting in the 2023 planting season.

It was hot, hard work, and the team had to dodge a few wasp nests, but they weren’t deterred.

“It’s been good, we’ve enjoyed it, and we thoroughly recommend anyone to come along and volunteer,” said Lily Rushworth, who has been co-ordinating the prefects’ efforts.

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