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Davenports Law funds 2024 cover crops

Rosedale firm Davenports Law is generously paying for the cover crop seeds needed for the 2024 planting season at Te Hōnonga a Iwi Restoring Rosedale Park.

Davenports Law has funded the cost of cover crops for all three planting seasons since the restoration began in 2022 and project co-ordinator Nicky Shave, from North Harbour Hockey, says their support has really helped with soil health and tree survival and growth.

Cover crop seeds are mixed with live compost inoculant and spread across the site at the start of each planting season. The cover crop has a variety of jobs – it covers and stabilises the soil, forms a low canopy for moisture retention over summer, hinders kikuyu and weed regrowth, provides organic matter (photosynthates) and breaks up soil compaction.

Sandy Callanan, a Davenports Law consultant who heads up the firm’s Sustainability Committee, says sustainability is important to everyone at the firm.

We are located in close proximity to lush reserves such as Rosedale Park. We believe in supporting community initiatives in our area, preserving the greenery that we all benefit from.


“All initiatives that can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint are worthwhile. As kaitiaki, we are all part of the solution.”


Davenports Law specialises in Asset Protection, Trust, Property and Commercial Law. The team provides clients with tailored advice along with ongoing support, so they feel confident in their decision making.


The company is committed to recycling as a core sustainability practice.


“We recycle pens, pencils, highlighters and e-waste and have separate plastic and cardboard recycling bins,” Sandy says. “We also keep a food waste bin which is composted.”


Recently the team started an initiative with recycled clothing. “Our staff bring into the office all unwanted adult and children’s clothes to be recycled amongst friends and family. Any unexchanged clothing at the end of the month is donated to a charity shop.”


Nicky Shave says the support of local businesses such as Davenports Law are essential to the success of the Rosedale Park restoration.


Last year, the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) released its Regenerating Nature in Aotearoa New Zealand: The Transformative Role of Business report.


This research showed that businesses can play a key role in halting the decline of the health of our landscapes, waterways and seas by investing in on-the-ground restoration and regeneration projects.



“Businesses can plug the gap when local iwi, community groups and landowners don’t have adequate funding for this mahi,” Nicky says.


“Small to medium sized businesses often don’t realise how much value they can bring to regenerative projects without it impacting on their bottom line. We now know that in the mid to long term it's likely sustainable development within organisations will improve their bottom line.

“Davenports Law invest in mitigating climate change in several sustainable ways that suit their needs. If all SMEs acted to decarbonise and regenerate, we would be able to reverse global warming. The business benefits of doing so are significant. We are a business-led restoration and can help any local business to increase their sustainability.

“Don't hesitate to connect with Te Hōnonga a Iwi business partners if you are interested in taking your first step to generate climate positive change.”

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