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April 2022 Project Update

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Massey University comes on board, a documentary of the restoration project is underway and consultation begins with Ngati Whatua O Kaipara to find an appropriate name for the Rosedale restoration project.

The following actions have occurred since the March update:

- Welcome to the Restoration

o Chris McCleod, teacher Kristin School,

o Richard Cowell and Aimee Redknap, Albany Primary School,

o Warwick Stent, Massey University,

o Adrienne Bishop, Head of Media Studies, Long Bay College,

o Amelia Sangster, Youth Graduate, BSci(honours) in Biology and Geography,

o Emma Kwon, Centre Manager Little Earth Montessori, Rosedale,

o Catherine Butler, Transition Dean, Wairau Valley Special School,

o Wayne Walker, and Jonathan Watson, Albany Wards, Auckland Council.

All new members have all kindly committed to the restoration. Thank you all for your ongoing support and willingness to be involved, adding breadth and depth to our capacity to respond to climate change and enhance sustainability locally.

- Tracy Davis continues to guide the Restorations development investing time and resources into strengthening our social justice response with partnering with manawhenua. We are working on improving inclusion of Māori youth leaders and we have approached nearby Te Kura Kaupapa Māori O Te Raki Paewhenua to ask if they would consider partnering with Restoration stakeholders to increase social equity and wellbeing. Deb indicated interest in presenting the proposal to the Board for consideration.

- Tracy is consulting Kaumatua, Ngati Whatua O Kaipara regarding an appropriate name for the Restoration project following consultation with manawhenua and Auckland Libraries historical literature search for the traditional name of the rohe (local place) and awa (stream).

- Tracy has connected us with numerous contacts to support the development of the inaugural Matariki celebration on June 25 9 – 2 pm. All leaders within the stakeholder group will be invited to the morning site Totara Grove planting ceremony. Please hold the date. More details to come.

- Māori leadership and partnership. We are hoping that we can gain support to encourage a Māori SM graduate to contribute to the SM outputs and communications the Chinese Team may be able to provide another SM graduate to help connect with Mandarin speakers on WeChat and the restoration comms.

- Carole Tilman, UWEN, has facilitated connection with Acacia Cochise, Ventia regarding Rangatahi leadership engagement/Matariki Activities.

- Carole has connected Neil Henderson, Kaiwhakahaere Taiao Activator, Kaipatiki with Nicky to discuss ways in which the Restoration model could be improved to ensure increased local social justice/equity for Māori and to support the Restorations development of the Matariki celebration. Further consultation is in place.

- Brad Clark, NHHA CEO and Nicky working through planning and feasibility phase for the inaugural Matariki Celebration at NHHA, June 25th.

- All education leads updated with this month’s expert learning opportunities

- The Restoration contact list has been updated, however, is changing weekly

- Cadey Korsen, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Massey University, with support from Jayne Jones, AP, LBC, has been driving connecting with Long Bay College Media Team to partner with the media students and teacher, Adrienne, to determine a way forward for the Restoration documentary to capture the social value chain and highlight social and ecological justice gains

- Cadey is undertaking formal research to enable better understanding of the social value chain outcomes for the project. She is constructing a research question and using a grounded theory methodology to uncover new knowledge and understanding of community action/social gain. Cadey is currently applying for ethics approval for the documentary and working in partnership with NHHA to apply for a filming permit with Auckland Council. Massey University and NHHA will be taking responsibility for upholding compliance with the filming, however Massey is supplying filming expertise and equipment (upwards of $45 k) and will own the documentary.

- Cadey and Sheryl Blythen determined that no council consent is needed to photograph the site and the people for use in social media. All participants will need to consent to being part of the documentary.

- For the kindy and school students, consent to film children/youth will be the kindy and schools’ responsibility to obtain as part of the EOTC permission forms. The Education team have been informed of the need to ensure inclusion of permission to film students in their EOTC permission comms with whānau. It will be an impossible to retrospectively delete footage of a non-consented participate in the documentary.

- The Secondary Education team have worked miracles with aligning all the schools timetabling needs. The timetable has been recrafted and the most up to date project timetable sits in the ‘Planning’ channel on Teams under the word doc Rosedale Park Restoration Plan. The document is regularly updated.

- James Gow. Site meeting with restoration photographer James undertaken. James is committing to weekly photography sessions on Mondays. Photographs taken pre-land clearance will offer insight to the site in terms of social and ecological value and form part of the pre-restoration metrics. James’s pieces are superb and are stored in data collection channel in the James Gow folder. James has kindly given the Restoration permission to use the photos for the purposes of the restoration. Please contact James if you wish to use the images for any other purpose or change the image in any way. James has offered to work with LBC media team

- Massey have become a key restoration stakeholder, investing academic support across sustainability, integrated finance, social sciences, capturing the value of the restoration’s social, ecological, and commercial value chain. We are indebted to have the level of expertise and rigour this team offers to document data and measure outcomes. Warwick Stent will be supporting NHHA in terms of community accounting processes and supporting innovation in integrated reporting. The reporting system he has shared for consideration is loaded onto Teams under Resources channel, financial sustainability folder, International Integrated Reporting Framework. Warwick is considering approaching colleagues regarding generating capacity to utilising a big data analytics model to capture data and share with stakeholders. Warwick alerted us to the practice termed ‘bio blitzing’ (collection of data to enable value capture for a restoration, pre land clearance or change in the ecosystem- refer bio blitzing in Teams Resources channel). The restoration is already collecting bird, soil (Matt loading first soil analysis and photos shortly), water, aquatic biodiversity, financial, social, and volunteer data prior to starting land clearance. Plant and tree data will be undertaken when the site is cleared. And post sowing cover crop in May, planting in August.

· Howard Gumbley, Hilton Brown Swimming has kindly granted us access to the restoration site in off peak hours to enable machinery to get in and out. They have also given an in-principle decision to enable us to collect excess rainwater off their roofline subject to synergy with the centres complex plumbing installations. Notwithstanding Hilton Brown’s support for water conservation, this is proving difficult to achieve. Matt and Laurie Dee, Rainworks Solutions, in close consultation with HB’s plumber, have been working on finding a solution to harvest excess water off a system that is characterized by enormous internal pressures.

· Nicholas Mayne. Separate to the potential for rainwater harvest off the HB roofline, with support from Nicholas Mayne, we are exploring several other options to secure 7 000 litres freshwater per month for 12 months and 15 000 litres on the bioreactor loading day to get the best composting results possible. Options include permission for a new plumbing system off ICB roofline, nearby Ventia using their 1000 l container to undertake water deliveries (collected of their roofline), a partnership with Watercare recycled water, collection and delivery of water from Nicky Shave’s residential roof collect. We are striving to reduce our footprint and seek a water solution based on water conservation and recycling which is FFP as local as possible.

· Untangled Landscapes employee Liam Knight, with professional trapper from Enviromate, are offering to manage a pest management low pressure zone at the site. This would need to be funded. Dan has forwarded the contact to explore applying for funding. We plan to go to the BNH community asap to request financial, resource and skill support.

· Sheryl Blythen has crafted a one pager for the business community and Sheryl and Sam are readying the website to go live asa consent is obtained.

· Sheryl Blythen and Sam Weston (Comms team) have worked tirelessly to produce Brand Assets, an internal communications calendar, collate stakeholder collateral, develop a website. Identification of need to have IT support to set up Domain and email addresses for comms. We will need to secure a funding stream for ongoing web and SM presence.

· An arts and media stream has been set up and includes Cadey Korser, James Gow, Jayne Jones, LBC students, and LBC Media teacher, Adrienne Bishop. An advertisement has been placed with NHHA newsletter requesting support from 3 media/comms students to support website and sm presence.

· Amelia Sangster has kindly offered her time and expertise as a new graduate in all fields related to the restoration! Amelia has agreed to work alongside me to ensure we represent the youth voice in decision making, she is also on several of the Restoration teams adding value. Amelia coordinated an extensive lit search for regenerative agriculture research outputs recommended by Matt. The references are uploaded in Teams Resources channel, under folders associated with biological methods, bio blitzing etc. Amelia also attended the Upper Harbour Local Board presentation on our behalf.

· James and Renee (Bark Ltd) secured the first of the restorations 7 IBC water containers.

· Nicholas, Dan, Renee, and Matt sourced expended playground matting to use as a ground base for Jan and the teams plant nursery at Metlifecare.

· Wairau Valley Special School have agreed to contribute towards the project. Catherine Butler leads this team of 17–21-year-old students who are experienced restoration volunteers and offer the restoration valuable and unique insights into community life and caring for each other and the planet. Special welcome to this whanau, we are privileged indeed to be recipients of their time and energy.

· The team have begun to prepare for application of permits for filming, using a drone, water use and funding opportunities to support celebrating working in partnership with mana whenua and Matariki, also pest management.

· Claire Feeney, Environmental Communications Ltd, ESST Institute, consulted re the Restoration Proposal- her first pass feedback was based around the project looking innovative and strong.

· Advertisements have been placed with the NHHA community to request professional support, skills and resources for IT domain development, SM/comms grad, pest manager, water manager, instructional designer

· The centre manager, Emma Kwon of Little Earth Montessori, Rosedale has agreed to become a key stakeholder in the restoration. The inclusion of our youngest contributors to the restoration has ensured the Restoration is intergenerational. We are excited to be working in partnership with the Montessori who will be driving down the transport footprint, as the Restorations youngest partners reside in close proximity to the site and walk 100 m to site to work on the land.

· Women4Climate C40/AC yearlong climate change mentorship programme. Nicky is fortunate to have the opportunity to receive mentorship from Sam Hill, Head of Natural Environment Specialist Services, Auckland Council to enable immediate investment into closing gaps and opening up aspirational opportunities for growth and innovation within the project. The investment of mentors of this calibre into the Restoration processes and outcomes is inspiring and of incalculable value.

· Restoration Health and Safety plan and film H&S plan almost written. Nicky undertaking a St John online first aid course prior to work on site to ensure compliance.

· Meeting held with Toni Shaw, ASHS connecting Richard and Aimee, Albany Primary to the Restoration. Briar, Whitebait Connection connected in too. Generating ideas with Albany Primary for authentic learning working with Senior Students.

· Toni Shaw, ASHS, arranged several opportunities for students to link in and contribute to the restoration. Matt and Nicky are booked to visit the students, challenge thinking and solutions-based actions. One Impact team are designing a wind turbine to aid Restoration water transportation without the use of fossil fuels but with use of gravity and wind. The other student mentor is working on low impact pest management at ASHS and sharing his knowledge for the Restoration.

· Jan connected Metlifecare Village Manager, Grant Klenner, and colleagues, Emma Topp, Kate Drury to the project. Metlifecare are pleased to be key stakeholders and remain connected with the journey.

· Dan Marrow has affirmed sourcing 50 + safety glasses, 20 wheelbarrows, spades and rakes for the bioreactor construction day, May 25.

· Brad Clark, NHHA has confirmed hosting 100 for the 2-hour bioreactor session 9-11 am May 25.

· Matt Cumming is organising a bioreactor materials quote.

· UWEN update re Kaipatiki Project recirculation of plant pots- please collect your pots for recycling and contact Derek Craig, Restoration Nursery Manager, Kaipatiki on 027 525 0877 or

· Brad, Matt, Amelia and Nicky, with support from Dan presented to the Upper Harbour Local Council on Thursday 6. We received positive feedback and guidance regarding consideration of restoration fencing. Notification of length of time the consent process is going to take had been requested by the Board but not received prior to presenting, however Council is very mindful of the short lead time I placed on the process.

· Matt has undertaken preclearance soil microscopy. We will load this under Data Collection, Soil Microscopy folder on Teams.

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